well, hello there!

So… this is where i will be writing about my projects and work in progress. The most ambitious of which is my plan to produce an Illustrated book based on a traditional tale I have come across through my wanderings and my folk tale illustration work. This story has closely matching versions in both the Moroccan Sahara and Scotland, two very different but wild and beautiful places that are dear to me. I also want to explore through this work how stories unite us, how we tell each other so many of the same tales all over the world because we are all one people, one blood and one tribe in the end.

much of this blog will be eventually be devoted to this project, hence the title…

This will not just be me sitting in my drawing den making paper dirty though,  plans are afoot for others to be involved with this, in both countries, but much more on that later.

I will be sharing some of my favourite cover stories here too, each one was chosen because it had a particular resonance for me.

I will also occasionally  be posting my famous ‘work in progress’ posts, beloved of my fans on Facebook on this blog, So more people can enjoy the agony, did I say agony? no! the wonderful creative process from sketch to final piece. ahem.

So watch this space, I hope to have more news to share with you very soon.

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