Painting the Tales, the book has landed! (Well…almost) 

I sometimes google my own name to see if I have been up to anything interesting, or more accurately to see just what info about me is floating around out there in the ether… And that is how I discovered yesterday morning that my first book is now available for pre-order. 
After the mild panic of completing the manuscript and submitting it only a little later than the rather short deadline ( when they asked me how I needed, I blithely told them 3 months, having never written a book before, and they took me at my word…) There has been a month or so of wondering whether I had perhaps imagined the whole thing. But then there it was, on two well known bookselling sites. 
I sat and stared at the screen for a few minutes, zooming in on the word ‘author’ a couple of times and tittering nervously to myself before the fear kicked in… People were actually going to read my writerly scribblings….Was anyone going to like my writerly scribblings? I got out the manuscript ( yes, a printed copy, I am never totally trustful of sticks and clouds and other nature related names for tech storage) fingered it briefly, grimaced, put it away again. I can’t bear to look at the moment. 
So I will wait until June 1st, and read it along with everyone else. In the meantime if you would like to pre-order direct from me please email me
I will sign it for you (and dedicate it too if you like) and the first 100 copies I send out will also include some extra little surprises, 

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