Morocco Art Holidays

ART ESCAPE 2020 with Letsgo2morocco

‘Explore colour, texture and contrast and create your personal response to an amazing location with Artist and Illustrator Katherine Soutar’

Saturday May 23th to Sunday May 31st

Karima of letsgo2morocco and I first met in the wilds of the Sahara Desert, and May 2020 will be our third Moroccan Art escape together.

Focusing on time in Marrakech, Essaouira and a 5 day retreat with workshops in the heart of the High Atlas Mountains and Amazigh countryside.

Expect a colourful week as Morocco shows you a few of its hidden treasures to inspire and delight you

This escape is open to all creatively adventurous people; whether you are a practicing artist or not.

The small group number ensures the best possible experience and plenty of my time in workshops.

for full details and booking please see my Morocco Art Holidays main page

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